Our Vision

Moor Row Primary School delivers access to an education that provides "Learning for Life" through the teaching of life skills and a broad curriculum that expands horizons and is inclusive to all.

Where aspirations and standards are raised and which allows the achievement of the individual's full all-round potential.

Year 3/4

This term we have been studying 'Changes'. We have been looking at the changes in the weather and seasons and the impact weather has on rocks and fossils. The children drew leaves from Autumn and Spring to show the change in colours between the two seasons. We studied the process of evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and melted some chocolate to understand changing states and how materials are able to change from solids to liquids to gases.

Chocolate melting experiment

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We took a trip to the Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre in Ulverston to learn about Buddhism. We were shown the temple by an ordained buddhist nun who talked about the history of the temple and about the importance of meditation and a peaceful mind in the buddhist faith. The children took part in a short meditation session with the nun and asked her lots of questions about Buddhism.

Buddhism Trip

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Last half term, the children to a trip to the 'Fab Lab. at Cockermouth. The children learned about 3D printing, woodwork and robots. They were able to construct a robot in teams and control its movement around the lab. The children thoroughly enjoyed the 'Fab Lab' experience and were able to improve on their teamwork and investigation skills.

Fab Lab

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