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Moor Row Primary School delivers access to an education that provides "Learning for Life" through the teaching of life skills and a broad curriculum that expands horizons and is inclusive to all.

Where aspirations and standards are raised and which allows the achievement of the individual's full all-round potential.

March 2016

What another busy half term we have had in year 5 & 6! In January we took part in an Athletics competition at West Lakes, this was a very tough contest with us finishing 3rd and only 5 points behind the winners, Seascale. Well done to all who took part. We started a Performing Arts and Dance after school club, which will be performing Bugsy Malone later in the year. It is going to be a fantastic performance!
Year 5 & 6 went on a visit to the County Court House in Workington and acted out a mock trial. We took part in Bike Ability to help us with road safety.
Year 4, 5 & 6 went on a visit to Fab Lab in Cockermouth; the children had a Fab time making robotic sheep dogs to herd their sheep.
At the end of last half term all of KS2 went on trip to the Budhhist Temple at Ulverston; it was a very long journey with very well-behaved children. The children had the chance to explore the temple and sit with one of the Nuns and take part in some meditation. This was helpful as it linked to our P.E topic which has been Yoga.
Later this half term we have a high 5 tournament to look forward to at West Lakes and also a Tag Rugby tournament at St. Bees. Good luck in advance to all who take part, I am sure as ever I and the rest of the staff will be proud of you.

Here are some Pictures of our recent events,
Court House 1  Court House 2 
Fab Lab 1    Fab Lab 2
Athletics 1  
Temple 1 Temple 2


Welcome Back 2015-16

Welcome back to a new school year in 5 & 6. We have had a very busy first few weeks back with sporting events and new topics to cover. The year 5/6 High Five team got off to a fantastic start to the year when playing at WLA, they played 6 games and were unbeaten, they even kept clean sheets in all their games, in Tag Rugby the children finished 3rd with some very hard games won, well done to all the children who took part we are all proud of you.
Our topic this term is London with the children reading the fantastic book, The London Eye Mystery. We have also had a few taster sessions in Judo. The children have been covering the Battle of Hastings and 1066 in History and Forces in Science.
Here are some comments from the children:-

                "We have started a new book called The London Eye Mystery, I really enjoy
                  this book because it is a real murder mystery and it makes us want to read
                  more when we leave it on a cliff hanger"  -    Georgia

                 "I enjoy maths because you learn cool stuff and 1066 because its about a 
                   battle and kings"  -   Harry

                  "I like P.E and the changes in playtime equipment we do lots of different
                   cool stuff"  -  Logan

                  "Judo is fun"   -   Erin,  Jamie and Callum

May 2015

It has been a very busy sporting year for Year 5 and 6. We have taken part in Football, Cross Country, Rugby, High 5 and Athletics. The children have been fantastic in every tournament finishing within the top 4 for each event. We have reached the Copeland finals in Cross Country, Athletics and High 5 and still have a number of events still to come. We are all so proud of  the children who have taken part they have been a credit to Moor Row School well done. 


Year 5/6

As part of our journeys topic we have been reading "Kensuke's Kingdom", by Michael Morpurgo. Watch here for some of our writing based on this book!

Year 5 and 6 Autumn Term 2015

Year 5 and 6 Autumn Term


Year 5 and 6 curriculum map October - December 2014


KS2 had a fantastic time at Bemish last term here are some pictures of all the fun.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Year 5 and 6 curriculum map January - March 2015

Year 5 and 6 curriculum map March - July 2015


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