At Moor Row Primary, Art is taught through a structured curriculum following a specifically designed map showing the progression of skills and knowledge. This ensures the curriculum sequentially builds on prior learning and develops skills across the key stages, leading towards the end of primary education. Children leave Moor Row able to work in a sustained and independent way having developed their own artistic style using the techniques taught throughout the curriculum. Children are able to use appropriate language to discuss their own work and work created by artists from across many medias and cultures.

Art is taught as an individual subject, focusing on a new unit each term, as well as through numerous opportunities and experiences across the wider curriculum. Our Art curriculum allows children to explore them in a creative and expressive manner. It is broad, allowing children to explore and develop skills of painting, drawing, collage and printing across all key stages.

Within our Art curriculum, children are given numerous opportunities to explore the creative arts in a way that addresses highlighted gaps in the access to cultural experiences in the surrounding community. Throughout the year, we have art themed weeks which incorporate local artists to broaden the cultural capital of our children. Our Art curriculum is accessible for all students and can easily be tailored to meet the needs of each individual child, ensuring every child is provided with an ambitious art curriculum.

Early Years

Our children in the Early Years follow the Development Matters document where we ensure they have the opportunities and experiences to explore and use different media and materials. This is provided through art and craft activities as well as using their own ideas and expressing feelings through continuous provision.

Key Stage One

The National Curriculum is followed. This ensures that children have the opportunities to generate ideas, make and evaluate their own art or craft work while using a wide range of materials and techniques. They build on their knowledge and skills while looking at different designers and artists and create their own sketches, paintings and sculptures.

Key Stage Two

Our children continue to develop their skills, through the National Curriculum, with techniques, designs and materials. They gain more control and explore their creativeness to express themselves in their art skills and knowledge. They gain a deeper understanding of artists and sculptures around the world and in history. They use a wider range of resources to sketch, paint and sculpt.