At Moor Row Primary School, we recognise the effect that high quality RE provision has on the development of children and preparing them for living in a diverse society. Our intent is to support the teaching of British Values as well as ensuring that our high quality RE provision allows every child to flourish and ensures that the children at Moor Row Primary School:

  • Understand the diversity of cultures outside of their own experiences
  • Have a sense of belonging and identity
  • Develop their understanding of different faiths and cultures
  • Ensure that every child develops a moral compass – respect and sensitivity towards others
  • Empowers them to have discussions about Faiths.
  • Equips them with citizenship skills for living in a diverse Britain and the wider world.
  • Through our RE curriculum - based on the Cumbria agreed RE syllabus and the Questful-RE scheme of work, we study a variety of faiths. Christianity is taught throughout the school as well as 5 other principal religions represented in Great Britain.

    Worldviews are also an important aspect to our RE curriculum. Whoever we are, wherever we live, whether we are a person of faith or not, we have a view of the world. Nobody stands nowhere.

    We begin in the Early Years Foundation Stage, where children are taught RE as an integral part of their personal, social and emotional learning. They encounter religions and world-views through multiple methods of teaching and get opportunities to reflect on their feelings and experiences. All RE teaching and learning takes into account the most up-to-date version of the DfE’s EYFS framework.

    In Key Stage One and Key Stage Two the curriculum content is a balance of pupils being informed about a range of religions and having opportunities to express opinions and views. They are also encouraged to be enquiring and reflective learners.

    Units of study are related to questions which are revisited throughout the unit of work. We utilise a range of teaching materials, resources and styles to ensure an engaging curriculum. Thus, preparing our children to become reflective, considerate and respectful British and global citizens.