We are part of a network of schools within Cumbria and the North East who work with Stem Learning Solutions. We believe that the development of fun in both learning and teaching of science comes from a deep understanding of the underlying concepts. These four conceptual building blocks are called Science Models and are not only easy to understand but they thread their way through the curriculum, linking topics together into conceptual strands.

Teaching through Science Models not only makes even the trickiest topic easy, but supports abstract thinking and scientific language development. Pupils love learning through models because they can see the steps to excellent explanations and recognises success at each stage.

The use of Science Models and a clear understanding of the year group steps in Working Scientifically lead to an assessment system that is essentially skills-based but naturally encourages deep learning and a mastery curriculum. The Science Assessment Board has been developed by teachers working within the network and is supported by dual objective planning.

Many pupils have achieved success in The Crest Awards and the school is part of The Ogden Trust Primary Partnership.

Science at Foundation Stage is covered in the 'Understanding the World' area of the EYFS Curriculum. It is introduced indirectly through activities that encourage every child to explore, problem solve, observe, predict, think, make decisions and talk about the world around them.

We are engaged, challenged and involved

We use a range of fun, practical activities

We use scientific vocabulary to explain ourselves

We can record what we have learnt in different ways

We share our learning with others

We use the outdoors to enhance our learning

This year our school is working to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark. This involves us raising the profile and value of science throughout the school community. It will enable confident, knowledgeable, reflective leadership which will result in an improvement in the way in which science is strategically planned and taught across our whole school. One of our aims is to increase our cultural capital ( making science relevant to us ) so please feel free to contact us if you feel you have any skills you could share with us.