In Moor Row Primary School we recognise the importance of promoting the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all pupils by providing a range of experience both within the formal curriculum, through the ethos of the school and through interactions with the adults within our school community.

We are developing a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects the individual needs of our pupils whilst representing the diversity of the world. This curriculum is enhanced by regular enrichment activities such as visits, visitors and activity days and is responsive to changing needs.

Examples of our work to promote SMSC include:

  • A Pupil Behaviour Policy based upon a system of rights and responsibilities
  • Promoting the school’s three core values of Manners, Respect & Success
  • Promoting Anti-Bullying Week
  • A Religious Education curriculum that covers a range of faiths
  • The opportunity for all Key Stage 2 pupils to develop important collaborative skills by working with other schools as part of the annual Young Voices Concerts
  • Regular visits and visitors to support the curriculum allowing for cultural capital opportunities
  • Harvest celebrations and support for the local food bank
  • A curriculum for online safety
  • Involvement in World Book Day
  • Work with Cumbria Wheelchair Basketball Association to raise awareness of disability in sport
  • Opportunities to visit the theatre of to engage with a visiting performance
  • Participation in competitive sport within the local schools' cluster
  • Annual sports day event in school house system
  • Involvement in annual Bright Star entrepreneur activities – ‘Making a difference’
  • Introduction of ‘The Cumbrian Award’